‘Gozo Lace’ round cactus earrings

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‘Gozo Lace’ round cactus earrings

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When the beautiful lacy structure of cactus fibre is combined with pearly white colour, it really gives the impression of handmade lace – however this is not human made but nature-made organic lace. We added some sparkling diamond cut rhinestones to them.

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Product code: 12006004

Materials: painted dry cactus fibre, nickel-free metal findings, Czech crystal beads, glass rhinestones
Colour of metal findings: shiny silver
Size: 44 x 75 mm
Weight: 4,72 g

Additional information

Weight 4.72 g
Dimensions 44 × 75 mm




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Delivery Information

Our cactus jewellery can be ordered from any EU countries. To Maltese addresses we offer FREE DELIVERY. Even if you are not a permanent resident on Malta, only visiting the country, you can safely order from us!


Care instructions:

Although the dried cactus fibre goes through a several-step process to make them sturdy and durable, yet due to the intricate and delicate structure of the cactus skeleton this jewellery is required to be treated with care. If you do so, you will be able to enjoy wearing your unique natural jewellery for long-long time.

• We recommend not to wear them in the bath, shower, rain, or during swimming, sleeping, and sport activities. Also, due to the intricate structure, if your newly bought jewellery is a pair of earrings, it is recommended to wear them with tied up hair styles to prevent entanglement. For the same reason you may consider not to wear knitted scarfs or high neck knitted jumpers together with the cactus earrings, so that they do not get caught in it.

• Please store them in a dry place. If the humidity level in your home is usually very high, we recommend storing them in a closed jewellery box.

• Please avoid contact with chemicals and extreme high temperature. Also avoid applying great pressure because it can cause fracture of the cactus piece.

• If they need cleaning, you can use a dry or a slightly damp soft cloth. You also can use a dry or damp toothbrush if needed, then wipe it with a dry soft cloth.

• For any kind of transportation – like when travelling for a holiday – we recommend you use the original box of the jewellery, as it offers a safe protection for them.

• Earrings come with a pair of rubber ear nuts; we recommend using them when wearing the earrings to prevent loss.