The octopus, with its mesmerizing appearance and fluid movements, becomes a symbol of nature’s wonders. Beyond its captivating physical attributes, the octopus possesses extraordinary intelligence, setting it apart in the animal kingdom. With a highly developed nervous system and complex behaviors, including problem-solving abilities and tool use, the octopus exhibits a level of cognitive sophistication that rivals many vertebrate species.

The artwork titled “Touch” earned its name because the awe-inspiring existence of the octopus touches humans. The octopus’s arms, housing sensitive touch receptors, not only play a role in the animal’s feeding and locomotion but also express sensitive and intelligent behavior. As the octopus explores and senses its environment through touch, the artwork “Touch” portrays this intimacy and connection it forms with the world. The touch and sensitive essence of the octopus resonate with human viewers, providing an opportunity to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the diversity and intelligence of the animal kingdom.

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