Our Cactus Jewellery Collections

Explore our selection of cactus jewellery, all are handmade with special attention to the details. Each pair is unique, having its character. They are safely packed and shipped in a gift box, so can be ideal as gifts for your loved ones.

ANABEL Collection

Selection of colourful painted cactus jewellery. Colours are inspired by the spectacular natural scenes of the Maltese islands.  

MIKELA Collection

In this collection the earring hooks, connectors and other metal parts are all hand-shaped by us, made from solid brass and copper.

ANABEL Collection

Selection of painted cactus jewellery - a wide range of colours inspired by the blooming spring fields, the enchanting turquoise lagoons and the mesmerizingly bright starry night sky of our islands. To enhance the beauty of the painted cactus pendant, most of the pieces are adorned with a natural semi-precious gemstone.

The Maltese female name 'Anabel' is a combination of the name Anna of Hebrew origin, meaning 'grace', and the Italian word belle, meaning 'beauty' - thus perfectly fitting to this colourful collection inspired by Nature.


MIKELA Collection

This collection combines the beauty of nature-inspired colours and hand-shaped metal. All of the pieces in this collection are assembled with custom made metal parts – the earring hooks, jump rings, connectors and other metal pieces are all hand-shaped and designed by us from solid brass and copper. Both copper and brass are the most ancient metals humans explored and used to make things from. But handmade copper and brass jewellery are still enchanting women till this day.

For this collection, we chose the popular Maltese female name ‘Mikela’. This name is the feminine form of ‘Michael’, which originates from Hebrew, meaning “who is like God?” – thus perfectly fits this jewellery collection which reflects so many different features of the beautiful Creation.